Temperature Checks:  We will no longer conduct temperature checks.  We encourage members to please remain home if ill.

Masks:  The Greensburg YMCA are mandated to follow the CDC and Department of Human Services guidelines set for our facility and several of our programs, including our Early Childhood Learning Center, Summer Camp, and Adult Training Facility at the Armory.  Because these programs interact throughout the building, we must designate certain areas of our building as “Mask Zones”. 

Our mask policy is as follows:

      1. Individuals who are not FULLY vaccinated should be masked within the entire facility, with the exception of the pools.
      2. Vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals MUST wear a mask in designated “Mask Zones” due to CDC and Department of Human Services mandates for our child care programs. Mask Zones will be clearly marked.  Mask Zone areas include:
        1. All hallways;
        2. All staircases;
        3. Gymnasium during summer camp only;
        4. Locker Rooms;
        5. 2nd Floor, ECLC;
        6. 4th Floor camp area;
        7. Adult Training Facility at the Armory.

Sanitization Protocols: 

      1. Members must sanitize all equipment immediately upon finishing their workout or usage, with the sanitization supplies provided;
      2. Areas where individuals sit (chairs, locker room benches, etc.) must be wiped down when finished, with the sanitization supplies provided;
      3. Water fountains will not be available at this time. There is a water bottle refill station available on the pool deck during pool hours.  Water and other sports drinks will be available at the Welcome Center for purchase.