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CategoryJoiner's FeeMonthly Draft FeeAnnual Fee
Youth* (infant-18 yrs)$25.00$16.50$198.00
College (full-time student)$25.00$24.00$288.00
Sr. Citizen Restricted** (62 yrs +)$50.00$21.00$252.00
Sr. Citizen (62 yrs +)$50.00$35.00$420.00
Adult (over 18 yrs)$75.00$38.25$459.00
Single Parent Family$75.00$42.50$510.00

Members are responsible for notifying the membership office of any change in membership
status in order to qualify for a new membership category (i.e. college and senior citizen).

*Summer Youth Memberships are available for 3 months, June 1 – August 31.  The price is $95.00.
**Sr. Citizen Restricted Members are only able to access the facility 9 am – 3 pm, Monday – Friday.
All fees are nonrefundable.

There will be a $35.00 Return Fee assessed to any returned credit card or EFT payments.


0 through 18 (Still in High School)


Student must be taking 12 or more credits per semester.

Proof of credits is required upon application.


18 – 61 years of age, not enrolled in college.


Households with a maximum of two adults, parents/legal guardians residing at the same address, and all dependent children residing at that same address who are up to the age of 21, and a full-time student (college ID required); up to 18 if not a student.  Proof of residence will be required.

Single Parent Family:

Single Mom or Single Dad and their dependent children including full-time college students.

Sr. Citizen Unrestricted:

62 years of age and over. Full use of facility without time constraints.

Sr. Citizen Restricted:

62 years of age and over.  Entry into the building between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm weekdays only.


Member Benefits

Free Group Exercise!

All land and water group exercise classes are included in your Greensburg YMCA membership! 

Free Classes

Remember that included as part of your Membership you are entitled to participate in our Group Exercise classes. 

Child Watch

Child Watch is a place for little ones to stay and play while the parent enjoys the various activities the YMCA has to offer. Parents must sign their children in.  Accepted ages are six months to 12 years of age. Children have the opportunity to explore various toys, create art, read stories, or participate in Wii Sport and Fitness activities. Child Watch services are free to YMCA members as long as they remain in the building.

Locker Rental:

Lockers are available to rent in the men’s, women’s and girls’ locker rooms. The cost is $36/year for Adults and $18/year for youth (up to 18). To obtain your locker, for more information or to make a locker payment, please stop by the Welcome Center or call us at ext. 111.

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