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155 Years of Service

In 1858 a group of men met for the first time in Greensburg and set up an organization called the Greensburg YMCA. The original concept started in England back in 1844 and came to the United States in 1851.  Originally we were a bible/library study and learning organization. In the 1880’s this concept moved into what we know today as an organization that develops spirit, mind and body as our mission to all men and boys. The year was 1890 when the Greensburg YMCA became an incorporated non-profit organization by the state of Pennsylvania.  In and around 1908, Mr. David Shaw Atkinson set up the rules and design for the construction of our existing building on Maple and Pittsburgh Streets. In 1913 this dream became a reality and the present YMCA building was constructed for approximately $95,000. A lot of changes have taken place since then. All have met the needs of our society at given points in time. Women began to play an active role in YMCA’s back in the 1930’s and today represent 50% of the Y’s membership both locally and nationally. Our present energies are now being put to the test once again in meeting the needs of our members and in preserving the family and individual roles in today’s complex society. The YMCA now serves all segments of our population and has an open door policy that permits everyone to take part regardless of race, creed, sex or financial standing. We have, in the past developed new facilities at the Y to accommodate our growing membership and to better serve the community needs and we continue to put on those finishing touches to get maximum usage of our existing space and to upgrade those areas that have served their time and purpose.

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