Adult Aquatics


sr-aqua-aerobics-2The main pool at the Greensburg YMCA has been a landmark for all of Greensburg to enjoy, and we are excited to continue that tradition.  This pool has 6 lanes that offer lap swimming, circle swimming, aquatic group exercise, swim lessons, and our Greensburg YMCA Swim Teams.  The warm water pool is kept around 90 degrees and offers our many different aquatic group exercise classes to help loosen up those aching joints and bones.  The warm water pool offers our celebrated Happy Hinges class to loosen up those aching joints and bones.  No matter what swimming experience you may have, the warm water pool is a great place to start.  For more information about adult aquatics, please contact our Aquatics Coordinator, Kris Peters, at or (724) 834-0150 Ext. 144.


Group Exercise


The intensity of our group exercise classes vary from one class to another.  We relate our intensity to the amount of physical exertion that an individual will feel during a class.

We provide general guidelines for these intensity levels; however they can vary on the individual’s fitness levels.


Low Intensity: This level is for those who are ready to begin their fitness journey.  Classes will ease the body back into an active lifestyle, for those who have a higher activity level; this class can still be used as a recovery exercise session.

Moderate Intensity:  This class is for those who want to start challenging themselves to a higher physical fitness level.  The level of exertion will increase for the individuals along with allowing the participants to gain new techniques and experiences.  For those who have a higher activity level, this level allows them to improve skills and technique at a higher intensity.

Active Intensity:  This is for the seasoned active individual.  Your instructor will push the limits of your physicality and coach you into a more difficult exercise experience.  These classes are not for those who do not want to advance their fitness levels at a high level.  Be prepared to bring that heart rate into your target zone.


Group Exercise is included in your +POOL membership!     

+POOL:  $10 additional per month.  The +POOL add-on includes unlimited access to the pools and unlimited water group exercise.  No reservation is required.  (Insurance members must pay for the +POOL membership if they wish to have this amenity, $10/month via monthly draft.)

+POOL members, stay up to date on important updates via Remind:  Text @ckfca97 to the number 81010



Water Group Exercise:sr-aqua-aerobics

HAPPY HINGES:  (Low/Moderate Intensity)

Monday and Friday  11:00 am (WARM POOL)

This class consists of rotation exercises to help alleviate the symptoms of arthritis and focuses on improving range of motion in troubled joints.  Classes are held in our training pool which has a warmer water temperature .  This pool is equipped with a hydraulic lift to assist you in entering and exiting the pool.


H2O BOOTCAMP/Aqua Ex: (Moderate/Active Intensity)

Instructors: Kris

Wednesday 10:00 am

Splash your way into an intense full body workout that emphasizes agility, strength, and speed.  Held in our warm water pool and set to a high-intensity soundtrack, prepare for fast and powerful movements that will tone your muscles and increase your cardio.



Private swim lessons are available during the day or evening for adults ages 18 and above.  Lessons are 30 minutes in length and can be arranged for adults of all levels of swimming skills beginner—expert based upon individual experience. Lessons are to advances swimmers and refine their techniques by being encouraged to progress at their own pace through private lessons.  These skills include but are not limited to water bobs, front crawl, freestyle,  backstroke, side stroke, side breathing, retrieving objects from the bottom of the pool, jumping into the pool, sit dives, diving off blocks, and other swimming skills.   Each lesson is designed to teach water safety, acclimating the participant to the pool setting, and build skills and technique to prepare them to swim in all other pools.

If you are interested in Private Lessons, please email Aquatics Coordinator, Kris Peters, at with your  Name, Swimming Ability, and your Availability.  She will reply with available times of her instructors.  Please be mindful that all lessons must be scheduled through the Aquatic director before they can be purchased.                                                     

                                                                               Member                                             Non-Member

Single Private Lesson                                             $30.00                                                $60.00

(One 30 minute Private Lesson)


Four Private Lesson Bundle                                    $100.00                                              $200.00

(Bundle of four 30 Minute  Private Lesson)




We are always looking for Aquatic volunteers to assist in classes. Tasks  may include helping kids in the pool and coordination of other activities.  Contact Kris Peters at or 724-834-0150 ext.144 for more information.