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A parent or guardian must be in the water for all Shrimp and some Safety Around Water classes.  Our Aquatics staff will reach out to parents/guardians prior to the first week of class to determine swim skill level and placement.  At that time, they will also inform the parent/guardian if they are required in the pool.

To select the appropriate lesson type for your child, please review the descriptions below (Shrimp, Safety Around Water, etc.) and insure that that class title is in the registration title when registering.  We are combining skill levels within classes (i.e. Shrimp/SAW 1) in order to accommodate family needs.  


We offer swim lessons in a group setting, and classes are capped to allow full class involvement with the instructor.  Lessons start in our Warm Water Pool with Shrimp (Parent/Child) and Safety Around Water.  These lessons prepare students for the Main Pool lessons (Level 1, Level 2, Level 2/3, and Level 3).  For those wanting to grow in their swimming technique, the Greensburg YMCA offers private lessons.  For questions about lessons, please contact the Aquatics Director, Kris Peters, at k.peters@gbgymca.org  or (724) 834-0150 Ext. 139.



Summer SessionsMemberPotential-Member
4 weeks$45.00$90.00
Sibling Discount:
2nd child (10%)$40.50$81.00
3rd and additional (25%)$33.75$67.50

  – Current Session Dates –

Buy 2 Consecutive sessions and receive 10% off 2nd session. 
(Cannot be combined with other discounts).  Call 724-834-0150 ext. 111 to take advantage.

Summer 1 Session Dates:  Week of May 3 – June 4

Summer 2 Session Dates:  Week of June 7 – June 28

Summer 3 Session Dates:  Week of July 5 – July 26

Summer 4 Session Dates:  Week of August 2 – August 23

To register for multiple Sessions, click HERE

You may register online by clicking on the appropriate Session above or by phone at 724-834-0150 ext. 111.


Please make sure your child uses the restroom and rinses off prior to class.  All swimmers must come prepared prior to class with a swimmer diapers, swim suit, and a towel.  We highly recommend swimmers also have goggles, swim caps, and long hair needs to be pulled back.  Flip flops or sandals are permitted on the pool deck, no street shoes are allowed.  There will be no mask goggles or flotation devices of any kind allowed during lessons.


SHRIMP:  An introduction for parent and child to bond in the water while playing games, learning swimming skills, and becoming acquainted and comfortable with the water.  Children will work on water safety, blowing bubbles, putting their face in the water, and an introduction to floating on their backs through games and songs.  This class is capped at 10; parents must be in the water with their child during this class.

Safety Around Water:  This beginner lesson for students still getting acquainted to the water, who have limited to no water experience.  Students will be working on becoming comfortable in the water with their instructors by practicing water safety, blowing bubbles, underwater bobs, floating, crawl stroke, and pushing off the wall.  This class is capped at 6; children are in the water alone with their instructor during this class.


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Level 1: An introductory level to the main pool where children will become familiar and comfortable swimming in shallow water.  Swimmers will work on treading water, freestyle, backstroke with work on side breathing, and retrieve objects from the bottom of the pool.  The use of a kick board and flippers will also be introduced in this class. This class is capped at 8; children are in the water alone with their instructor during this class.

Level 2:   The level for the swimmer who is comfortable in the main pool and is able to freestyle, side stroke, and backstroke a full length of the pool.  They will be introduced to deep water skills including jumping off the blocks, sit dive, and retrieving items in the lower depths.  The students will master treading water (1 minute), freestyle, and backstroke with side breathing (1 full lap without resting) along with continued work on the side stroke and butterfly stroke during this level of class.  This class is capped at 8; children are in the water alone with their instructor during this class.

Level 3: This swimmer is able to swim 4-6 lengths of the pool and understands the mechanics of all strokes. In addition to practicing strokes, participants work on competitive starts from the blocks, turns, safety skills, and the mastery of the freestyle, backstroke, and butterfly form and breathing.  This class is capped at 8; children are in the water alone with their instructor during this class.


Registration and payments can be completed at the Greensburg YMCA Welcome Center, on the phone (724-834-0150 ext. 111), or ONLINE.



Aquatics Volunteer Opportunities

We are always looking for Aquatic helpers to assist in classes!  Email Denise Eyler deyler@westmorelandca.org